Elegant Guoga Game with an attitude

Born with the real Antanas named Guoga, Tony G was a native of Kaunas, Lithuania. He is a popular bad poker boy due to his impetuous and frank nature. Television people love him for his unpredictable antics. Tony G is also a former pro basketball but his attention has focused on poker which has earned him more than $ 1.3 million in winnings.

As a young, elegant excelled in chess and other sports. Playing cards as a teenager was one of Tony’s hobbies. He started playing serious card games when he was 15 years old. However, he was still the target of his older opponents but he was still up for the challenge. He always won while playing in Australia, and then he decided to move to Hong Kong and worked as a dealer for a while.

Elegant G could save funds of more than $ 200,000. He decided to go to Las Vegas, but he was still under the legal age of 21. G sleek was persistent, so he fixed a fake identification Unfortunately, he lost all his money and he got realized that the players were way too different than his old opponents. Tony G went back to Australia with the plan to improve his poker skills.

Tony made a stop in London and was then found in Vienna, Austria. He was in Vienna where he took the time to develop into a more profitable and established poker player. He was also in Vienna where Tony G got his nickname. He did not use his real name Antanas by enlisting and did not choose to use G Elegant instead. Tony G has quite well done at casino games and card rooms throughout Austria that he can not find more play to play in. He was such an excellent player that no one wanted his opponent.

Currently, Tony G has got the buzz of playing poker online. He played high stakes games and comes the year 2000 and following, he became one of the best online poker players out there. Quite enthusiastic with the idea of ??online gambling, he has developed several poker websites himself including his own site, tonygpoker.com.

It was in 2002 when Tony G participated his first tournament. He won the 2nd place at the 1st European Poker World Series. In 2002, he won the 1st place at the top of the world up the Omaha championship against Dave Ulliott. Tony G made it to ten final tables in contempt 2003 of his hectic schedule.

Tony’s other achievements include: 5th place at the World Poker Tour in France; 3rd place at the Omaha Championship at the Bellagio 5 Diamond Poker Classic; 7th place at the 2004 World Poker Tour in Las Vegas; 2nd place at the Grand Prix De Paris in France; 2005 European Champion in England; a world poker tour event and the bad boys II in LA